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Joel Duncan is an architectural and real estate photographer based in Medellin, Colombia. He specializes in photography of architectural and interior design projects, commercial spaces, and furnished luxury properties.


How do your customers see your properties and projects?

Is your space a sanctuary, a luxury getaway, a hideout from the stress of everyday life, or the perfect corporate environment? How do your investors, potential guests, buyers, or renters who would have never physically visited your property know what to truly expect?

Luxury Medellin Penthouse Living Room
Luxury Penthouse Medellin Living

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Photographer Medellin, Colombia

Luxury Penthouse in Poblado

Bedroom Decoration Medellin
Kitchen Interior Medellin

Commercial Spaces

Show off your work-in-progress and finished projects

Many times, photographs are the only way of showing the public, investors, and potential clients your finished projects. Their decision to spend or invest if often based on the emotions that these images invoke.

Build a winning portfolio

I help Architects, Constructors and Interior Designers to create beautiful portfolios that win them more business

If you’re trying to get more customers or investors, you need to show your best work with a winning portfolio that stands out from your competitors’.

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